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iDATA VIP Service

Applicants requesting a more comfortable environment and exclusive service during visa applications for Germany may benefit from the VIP services at our iDATA office.

The extra services offered to VIP applicants at our iDATA office;

• Photocopy and fax service (Free of charge)

• E-mail notification and application follow-up services (Free of charge)

• Travel health insurance (Charged)

• English or German translation service (Charged)

Information for the payments to the Bank!

BBAC Bank will give service between 08:30 - 15:00 (except Thursday) with the full capacity to deposit appointment fee.

(BBAC Bank has opened a new branch located in Sulaymaniyah. You could also deposit service fee into our specified bank account over this branch.

Sulaymaniyah Branch Address: King Mahmood Street (60 Mater), Near of Talary Hunar, Shazad Building - Sulaymaniyah

Phone Number: 533196468)

USD 100 for Adults and USD 60 for children under 12 should be deposited to the following bank account for VIP applications.

The applicant should proceed to the next stage by confirming the payment information from the system, by accessing the iDATA appointment web page ( and entering the transaction date and passport number information about the bank transfer in accordance with the information on the bank receipt one day following depositing the money to the bank. Click for more details and online appointment system.

Bank account information (VIP Application):

Bank name: BBAC s.a.l, Erbil branch


Account Number: 0368-540100-004

IBAN Number: IQ09 BBAC 0013 6854 0100 004

Swift code: BBACIQBA

VIP service fees

Fees to be paid prior to setting appointment:

  • USD 100 for adults

  • USD 60 for children under 12

Fees payable at the office:

  • USD 75 visa fee for adults and USD 26 iDATA Coordination fee

  • There shall be no other payment for children under 12.

The aforementioned fees shall be collected as US Dollars and in cash during application.

NOTE: VIP applicants have the right to change their appointment dates once. The USD 17 service fee shall not be reimbursed if applicants cancel their appointment requests.